LED light just became even better

LED light just became even better

We are pleased to introduce a new LED spotlight with exceptionally high CRI to you. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) indicates the level of color enhancement provided by the light source. The higher the CRI, the higher the level of color enhancement and the more crisp, natural and real the illuminated items look. The CRI of the new spotlight we are now presenting is 95, which is very high for this kind of product and well above the CRI of most products available in the market.

This product is available in several Voltages, with a Power Factor of well over 0.90 which makes it an efficient solution which hardly causes any Harmonic Distortion. The beam angle is of 20 degrees which makes it a great product to highlight a specific location or a specific item.

This new LED spotlight is exceptionally suitable for use in combination with our new range of reflectors which is available now. This new range consists of beautifully finished fixtures which serves to add a high quality, attractively priced replacement for small fixtures with halogen spotlights or to replace small down lights.

Low CRI vs high CRI

Shop after installing LED lighting

Apart from introducing above mentioned LED spotlight with CRI95 to you, we are also launching a number of other beautiful new LED spotlights. The spotlight with CRI95 and the other new products can all be used in combination with a range of beautifully made fixtures we are also introducing at the moment:

Please see an impression of several other new LED spotlights we have available now, in several Wattages and with several beam angles to choose from. We have samples available from stock.

Please contact us at info@jnled.deĀ for further details

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