LED flood lights

We supply a full range of premium quality LED floodlights ranging from compact 3600 lumen/ 30W models to 163.000 lumen/ 1500W models. All floodlights come with premium quality LEDs, drivers and lenses and are available with ample choice of dimming options, beam angles, CCT’s and CRI’s. We offer modular floodlights and fixed models. Typical applications are of our 400W LED floodlight to replace 1000W. On a number of occasions, the same 400W LED floodlight has succesfully replaced 2000W conventional floodlights. The floodlights are suitable for use in industrial areas, container depots, loading bays, ports etc. Top quality LEDs are being used, in combination with top quality drivers. The floodlights are suitable for indoor use or outdoor use and can help achieve massive energy savings. Besides, long life span thanks to the use of top quality components allows for significant savings on expenses related to maintenance and replacement. A number of our floodlights can be used in combination with motion detectors or in combination with timer clocks.

If you would like us to help you make an analysis of the lighting needed in a specific area and you’d like us to prepare a lighting simulation, we’ll be pleased to assist. We work with the Dialux program. Please contact us accordingly.