LED track lights

In this section you’ll find our premium quality LED track ligths. We supply beautifully finished track lights in several shapes and several Wattage levels. Some of the track lights and surface mounted or recessed lights come in the same look, thus allowing customers to use products that look the same but are installed in different ways. The lights are available with a variety of Lumen levels/ Wattages and there are plenty of beam angles to choose from. Our LED track lights will not just help users to save lots of energy. The lights provide high CRI levels, thus maximizing the effect of the light on colors of products shown or sold at the place where the LED track lights are being used. This has proven to help sales. Also, less cooling will be required once our LED track lights have replaced traditional light sources. Our track lights are suitable for use in a variety of places such as beauty salons, galleries, offices, showrooms, stores, studios and so on.